Captive Consulting

Our Value Proposition

Build, Operate, and Accelerate a Captive to succeed in Your Business.

The purpose of Finance Captives is threefold:

increase sales, insource financing and foster CRM

To realize this, Captives must  be built thoroughly, operate efficiently and provide customers with excellent digital services.

This is our mission.

We offer...

  • Extensive experience in establishing captive businesses
  • A Quick-Check for your organization and processes resulting in concrete actions
  • Best practices for setting-up a strong and agile captive
  • Solutions for funding requirements
  • Support for the acquisition of required licenses
  • Interim Management
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We support...

  • Your digital end-to-end customer Journey
  • Your transition from selling cars to selling usage
  • Your solutions for supply shortages
  • Integrated door to door solutions
  • Offering Mobility Packages
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We deliver...

  • Product Strategies to enhance your competitive position
  • Sales Strategies to increase penetration and customer/dealer loyalty
  • Operations Strategies for an optimal customer experience
  • Funding Strategies to optimize Cost of Funds
  • Risk Strategies to calibrate risk appetite with OEM requirements
  • Remarketing Strategies
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About us

Why we make the difference.

We bring in everything it takes to build or improve a captive quickly and thoroughly. We combine our knowledge regarding captive financing with the experience of many projects to actively realizing the plans we have created together with our customers.

We are the captive finance experts.

Our team consists of Managers and Consultants with many years of experience in the captive industry. This clearly sets us apart from other consulting companies.

Our mission is…

…to support new captives enter the market faster, and to support existing captives in optimizing processes, products, IT, sales & marketing.

Our core competence is…

…developing captive strategies to support efficient market entry and optimizing processes, products, IT, sales & marketing.

With our experience from successful projects in…

…the captive environment, starting with licensing, establishing efficient back-office processes to product development and building and expanding sales structures, we help to achieve profitable growth.

We focus on working solutions.

To accelerate change, we quickly provide your team with the right players. We are experienced managers who will actively support you for limited periods by providing specialized know-how and bridging vacancies.

An idea is the starting point, but...

…it’s better to validate a concept! 
We don’t just produce fancy slides; we focus on results. This is the sole proof of working ideas.

As experienced managers, …

…we quickly get your colleagues on board fast and thus ensure that strategic goals becoming operative solutions.

We have an agile approach.

The environment of captives is changing almost daily. To cope with this, the organization needs to focus on value creation with a customer centric view.

The team knows more…

…than one single consultant. In our everyday work no idea stays unheard.We encourage our customers to follow this approach. Together we can move mountains.

The flexibility of…

…an organization is key in uncertain times. To assure this the development of an agile operating system is necessary for the organization, enabling you to pivot in no time, if necessary.

The investment needs…

…to be made for the most promising solutions. We formulate hypotheses from our ideas and test them. If the data confirms our assumptions, we move forward, if not, we pivot or stop. Thus, we minimize the waste of resources.


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